At Speed Works Engines, we don’t believe in being big and flashy, we aren’t the guys that take the biggest sign-written transporter to the race track or try to look like horsepower heroes online. We are the guys who come out of nowhere, quiet and humble, working with our customers to achieve their goals and surprise the competition.

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Our Team


Tony has over 35 years of precision engine machining and assembly. With a mad passion for making horsepower and doing everything to an otherwise unachievable standard.
He has designed, machined and assembled many 1-off engineering masterpieces as well as many other notable features. However, Tony doesn’t believe in big noting himself and loves his work to do the talking.


James is fresh out of his apprenticeship, but you couldn’t tell with his quality of work. Specialising in rotating assemblies and the machining of high RPM monsters which is fitting for someone well known around the burnout scene. He has a soft spot in his heart for the mighty LS and it is more than likely he will be working on one when you see him in the shop.


Dennis has been building motors since before Tony was even an apprentice. He is an avid engine machinist and has a great presence surrounding the circuit and boat racing circles and has had for years. He too employs an “it’s either perfect, or it’s wrong” attitude which is evident in his flawless work.


Mitch is midway through learning the ropes around the shop, but he has taken the Speed Works Engines methodology on board and we will be glad to turn him into a qualified machinist.


After a few years at university and working as an engineer, Sam decided that his passion for performance engines and career should be combined. He runs the workshop & most dyno sessions with an eye for detail and a mentality that being wrong is not an option.